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Digital Security Cameras

Hikvision Security Camera Solutions
At FIS Remote Computer Services, we have always taken interest in the security and integrity of the data of our clients.
With this in mind, and the advent of IP based cameras, we are pleased to be able to provide customised digital video surveillance options that can include license plate detection, night vision cameras, playback on Android or iOS devices, and more. The POE IP cameras only need one cable for the signal and power from the recorder.

FIS Remote Computer Services provides these solutions with the focus towards product loss or vehicle theft on your premises and does not offer monitoring packages.

We source our cameras and NVRs from Australian suppliers, and please consider privacy regulations if you decide to reposition or relocate your cameras after installation.
Hikvision Live Streaming & Playback Mobile App
View live streaming of your cameras on your android or iOS mobile phone or tablet.
The video streams are encypted to prevent unauthorised viewing.
Consider the area to be covered to select the lens size:
2.8mm = 90 degrees  :  4mm = 75 degrees (default)  :  6mm = 49 degrees  :  12mm = 19 degrees

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