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IT Services

Do you have a computer issues?
FIS Remote Computer Services can remotely connect and help diagnose to resolve PC issues. As not all issues may not be addressed remotely an on site visit may be required following diagnosis.
What else do we do?
Custom branded server solutions
SQL Server Maintenance and Rehoming
Cloud PBX, Telephony, and Broadband
Project Management
Hikvision Security Camera Solutions
Network Security and eScan Anti Virus Solutions
Data recovery including volumes with bad sectors

Do I need virtualization?
Virtualization means having a virtual computer running inside another, for example a server may have multiple virtual desktops inside for their remote users and can be configured to autoload. As physical servers are upgraded, the virtual machine can be copied across to the new server. Note that each virutal machine is similarly licensed as a physical computer. We have experience with Microsoft's Hyper-V and Oracle's VirtualBox technologies.  A virtual server can be rolled out for a variety of reasons, for example, for a virtual computer for network or remote user access, and so on. Adding into the equation reduced physical footprint for the client computers, power consumption, and regular snapshots of each virtual machine, it is a long term strategy.  Please note that even though the virtual machines would be operating under one hardware device, software licensing, for example for windows, office, and you anti virus, would be based as a per instance scenario. Contact  us for more information.
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FIS is proud to partner with Connectwise and Elsinore Technologies in the provisioning of the remote technologies used with our internal server.
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