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Cloud PBX

Exetel Corporate Products - Contact Us on 1300 135 248 - your Brisbane Exetel agent - Agent Code EXEAGENT1082

Exetel VoIP Services provides your organisation with a low cost per call, high performance telecommunication solution.

Talk to us about a total Cloud-based solution that eliminates the cost of buying a new system, slashes your call costs and improves your phone functionality.

Corporate grade fibre with a guaranteed level of uptime.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any question's on Exetel's VoIP or Cloud PABX solutions.
There is no obligation to connect to Exetel by submitting this form.
Q:  Can I bring my existing landline number across to the PBX?
A:  Yes. 1300/1800 numbers can be ported between 10-14 working days. Landline numbers can take between 1 to 3 weeks.
Q:  What happens if the internet goes down / power outage?
A:  The cloud service still keeps running, even if your connection cannot. If you have linked SIP account details on a mobile app, you can continue to receive calls. Otherwise, voicemail to email would cover these occasions.
Q:  How long does it take to change over to PBX?
A:  If you have a suitable internet connection to support the bandwith requirements and exisitng cabling is sound, the facility can be operational by the time the handsets and SG300 series switches (if required) arrive for configuration.  It is anticipated that if you have an in place PABX, that it can run in parallel until the phone numbers have been released and ported across.
Q:  Can I use my alarm/fax with the Cloud PBX?
A:  By using ATA adapters, it converts the digital signal to analogue for those devices.  For alarms, we suggest updating to using mobile networks for connectivity.
Q:  I have NBN coming soon to my address, is Cloud PBX compatibile?
A:  When the NBN is being rolled out in an area, there can be daily sync issues ranging from seconds to minutes. Invest in a good modem/router that your ISP supports and wait for a few weeks after the NBN crews have left the area.
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FIS is proud to partner with Connectwise and Elsinore Technologies in the provisioning of the remote technologies used with our internal server.
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